Corporate Membership Benefits

Corporate Membership Benefits

Corporations are a key stakeholder in our startup ecosystem. They play an instrumental role in fostering the growth of startups and innovation – particularly when it comes to building high-value B2B solutions. In an increasingly digitalised world, technology is no longer a good-to-have but a must-have. Through open innovation, more corporates are working with startups to enhance their offerings and build new ventures. 


CorporACEtion is our initiative to help corporates network with and access the leading startup ecosystem in the region – Singapore.

We aim to make this a reality through three ways:


We believe that by connecting corporates with our strong community of over 1,600 local startups and 25,000 foreign startups, corporations can leverage cutting-edge technology for their innovation and growth needs.

CorporACEtion Membership

We enable corporates through our CorporACEtion membership and sponsorship programmes. 

We offer a series of membership and sponsorship programmes that can be tailored to your specific needs. Our Annual Membership programmes suit companies that wish to have a quick plug into our network of startups through accessing ACE’s events as well as a tailored selection of co-branded physical event and bespoke services. Our sponsorship programmes will cater to companies that wish to market their solutions and branding through our year-long calender of ACE’s and co-branded events with several deeper engagements with start-ups and other ecosystem players in the Singapore innovation ecosystem.  

We offer two basic tiers of CorporACEtion membership, namely: 



Benefits of a CorporACEtion Membership



Our Services

Our Services

We have worked with established corporates, such as the Coca-Cola Company, Panasonic and Marubeni with their innovation challenges. 

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Contact Desmond at or Lucian at for more information on the bespoke services or upgraded membership tiers we offer.  

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