Your on-demand landing pad for Singapore

If you are an overseas startup looking to expand into or raise funds in Singapore, ACE provides an on-demand landing pad. We accept applications on a rolling basis. As an international startup member, you'll enter a one-week programme consisting of consultation by in-market experts, service providers, and ecosystem influencers. After that, we will continue support you year-round. 

International startup membership benefits 

  • Opportunities to participate in year-round events to help with fundraising, such as Meet the VC.
  • Be part of a robust startup ecosystem and connect with a community of startups, corporates and investors.
  • 30-day access to our flexible workspace — without needing to incorporate in Singapore.
  • Receive addition privileges and priority with your EntrePass application.
  • Participate in programmes to expand across Southeast Asia from your Singapore base

Connect with us

If you are an international startup looking for support to enter Singapore, fill in this form and our team will get in touch. We’ll discuss your needs and assess which activity is most suitable for you.