Mr Saurav Bhattacharyya

Chairman, Board of Directors

Saurav Bhattacharyya (“Shau-Rav”) is the CEO and a Co-founder of Quantum Inventions, a company focussing in Mobility Intelligence.  He raised over S$5m in funding for QI before it was wholly acquired in 2017 by Continental Corporation – an automotive supplier, with over S$64B (40B Euros) in global sales.  At the point of acquisition, QI had subsidiaries in Malaysia, Indonesia, and operations in India.

QI has grown to be a formidable company in ITS solutions, dynamic traffic information services and connected navigation and covets the Young Innovator Award under the Land Transport Excellence Awards, which it won in 2010 (by the Ministry of Transport of Singapore).  Close to his industry, he has served ITS Singapore in various capacities, currently, as President.